Tips for disabling your home alarm

Alarms play a very vital and strategic role among the protection devices in your home. They make it possible to detect intrusions into homes. Today, this safe method is adopted by many people. But it can happen that the latter experience malfunctions. In this article, you will therefore find out how to disconnect the alarm without calling a professional.

What are the procedures for deactivating the alarm in your home ?

To disconnect your alarm without a code, the first thing to do is to identify the metal box (the alarm). If you need information on techniques for silencing an alarm, visit site. Needless to say, the metal box is mostly located in a closed room (perhaps in the garage, bathroom or basement). It depends on where you place it during installation. However, if it is a purchased house, it is best to check with the owner or seller. Note that this box is connected to your cell phone line to allow you to easily alert the monitoring agency.

Cut off the power source

In addition, to be able to identify the alarm, you must turn off the power and the backup battery. It is after this step that you can locate the box. Once the latter is located, you will notice a wire that acts as a power supply between it and the AC plug-in transformer. You unplug it and the alarm will automatically turn off as well. But for some transformer models, the connection is made next to the junction box or on an electrical panel. In either case, if you remove one of the transformer wires from the panel, the alarm will be disarmed.

Using a remote control

You can use the remote control which can help you control your alarm remotely, without going near the control unit or the access badge reader. It typically has a range of around 100 meters. You have the possibility to deactivate the total protection mode of your alarm. When you ask for a function, an indicator lights up to confirm that your request has been taken into account. Often wireless alarms are very often controllable by remote control. It allows you to safely access protected areas of your home. This has the advantage of allowing remote manipulation. Overall, it should be remembered that disabling a house alarm without a code is not such a difficult thing. It is therefore advisable to know the code of your alarm, as some security systems are complex and you cannot easily stop the alarm. To prevent damage to the alarm system as well, you can call in a professional to help disarm it.