Oil spill threatens Israel's ecological habitat 

A serious oil spill that surfaced on Israel's shores has left Israelian authorities confused about the origin. 

The oil spill has been described as "one of the most severe ecological disasters to hit the country". It has the potential to affect Israel's wild and ocean life. 

Israel's beaches have been closed till further notice  

Due to the severity of the oil spill, the government ordered the closure of all of Israel's beaches. Pictures surfaced on social media of animals like birds, sea turtles, etc., coated in dark, sticky oil. 

Israel’s nature and parks authority said in a statement that the amount of tar released on Israel’s beaches as a result of the oil spill has the potential to cause one of the worst ecological disasters ever witnessed by the country. The agency added that cleaning efforts are currently ongoing and that it was looking for workers willing to help clean the oil spill. 

A large portion of Israel’s beaches were affected by the oil spill. According to the report released by the nature and Park’s authority via its social media handle, the full impact of the damage is yet to be seen. 

Oil spill suspected to have been caused by an offshore rig

The Israelian prime minister Netanyahu and the minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamliel inspected the site of the ecological disaster earlier this week. 

The prime minister praised the efforts of Israelian citizens that volunteered their time and efforts towards cleaning the beach. He added that he had spoken to the Egyptian Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister concerning the oil spill and that the Egyptian minister promised to help their investigations. 

Netanyahu added that the Israeli government might sue the company responsible for the oil spill and that intense investigations concerning the identity of the ship are currently underway. Her statement was corroborated by Gila Gamiel via her Facebook account.