How to secure your website?

Nowadays, it is necessary to be present on the internet to be aware of the latest events, news or to communicate. This is where websites come in. It is a set of pages on the internet that offers various contents. Anyone can have a website to express their opinion, for example. In the rest of this article, we will discuss how to secure your website.

Installing certificates

Recently, almost all websites offer a secure connection to their visitors. This is made possible by the installation of certain certificates. To find out more, visit this platform The installation of these certificates is a step towards referencing, i.e. it gives you the possibility to make your site appear first in Google searches.

Make sure your website is up to date

It is very important to always update your website as often as possible. By doing so, you will benefit from the latest security updates for your website and you can be sure that it will not be hacked. You don't have to update within two hours of a website update appearing, as you will expose yourself to some bugs, but it is more advisable to do it within a week. As long as the update is regular on the website.

Set up backups of your website

Nothing is ever perfect and to ensure that you can recover your data in the event of a hack, the best solution is to set up and keep a backup of your website. This backup can be done on your hosting space, but is not secure. You should therefore think about storage spaces external to the site. In addition, the frequency of the backup is one of the parameters that should not be neglected. You can imagine that a backup every six months would not be effective. You must therefore choose a frequency for the backup of the website data.