How to install a Successful agile transformation

Agile transformation is the goal all companies be pursued, they wish to bring more pliability and organization to their way of working. This should not be limited to setting up management frameworks and explaining the practices used. A successful agile transformation requires passing some good practices. View this article for more details

Set up this mission as a team

First and foremost, you need to understand that agility is a way to break down the boundaries that block the achievement of the business vision. Findore in this link To build this vision, you must therefore involve employees in the agile transformation through participatory workshops. In this way, the latter become real actors in the change of management method. The aim is to bring all the company's employees together towards an ambitious and motivating vision. To do this, everyone must be aware of the importance of the implementation of such a working method for the company as well as the necessary means and personal investment that agile transformation indirect. It is a long and expensive process that needs to be implemented on a small scale.

Identify a sponsor

Even if the success of an agile transformation depends on a spirit of sharing as a team, it is essential to appoint a sponsor in top management. The latter's mission is to show the way forward to achieve this new corporate vision. He is therefore the leader of this transformation, which gives him the status of advisor and decision-maker on strategic issues. Its support to the teams therefore remains essential for the success of the project.moreover, as the bearer of agile transformation, he must be the first in whom the expected changes take place. This will make it easier to move from your current corporate culture to an agile culture.