How to choose your dive camera?

The diving camera is a practical and useful device during water activities. When we take it diving, it is possible to share our experience with our loved ones. Choosing this type of camera involves a number of factors to consider.

The depth of the dive

Each dive camera model has a recommended dive depth that you should not exceed. So, depending on your diving needs, you should pay attention to this criterion. If you want to do deep dives then go for a model that offers superior diving depth. You can find it on

Ease of use

The dive camera you choose should be easy to use in order to optimize your diving experience. Thus, the more functions a camera has, the more practical and functional it is. A model with many automatic functions is best if you have never used a dive camera before. So you can start with a model that can focus and take pictures. Over time, you will be able to evolve towards a more advanced model with more complex functions.

Height and weight

Size and weight are also essential factors to consider when choosing your dive camera. If you will often be traveling with the device and taking it on your travels, then it should be compact and light. Reduced weight and compact size will make it easy to store and not be an extra burden in your bag. Also note that height and weight won't really matter when you're underwater. Indeed, there is a certain buoyancy of the diving apparatus.