Flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter : how to enjoy such an adventure ?

One of the most preferred adventures by tourists visiting the Grand Canyon is to fly over it in a helicopter. Planning a trip to the West Coast of the United States ? Discover here some useful and practical information to know before coming across this 7th wonder of the world.

Flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter : the options available to you

One of the best ways to end your vacation is to fly over the Grand Canyon located on the west coast of the United States. If you feel like it and you have the means, you can choose to fly over it in a helicopter or a small plane.

If you want to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you will find more info on this site. On the other hand, if you only have a short time left for your vacation, there are several ways to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in one day.

For your visit, you can take a helicopter or a small plane from Sin City to fly over the western part of the Grand Canyon. This is the part that is closest to Las Vegas. You can also choose to take a small plane to fly over the southern part (the most popular). You can then fly over it in a helicopter.

Fly from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter

The different companies offer tour services with flights from the airport. It is just outside the southern entrance to the national park where the village of Tusayan is located. Helicopter tours can be scheduled on any day (weather permitting). 

If you had already booked your flight and then the weather is not suitable, you can always fly another day for free with better weather. This can however become very problematic if you do not plan to stay in the area for a few days. 

This is why you can enjoy a full refund if the flight is cancelled. Many companies offer these helicopter tours from Tusayan Airport. However, Papillon remains the most famous departure for its long experience in the industry and for the substantial number of visits it offers.