Advantages and limitations of chatGPT in web writing

The chatGPT is a tool with a rare artificial intelligence, which allows its use in several areas. It makes your work easier and also saves a lot of time, which leads many writers to use it to create content. It offers you several advantages, but also has some limitations. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and limitations of AI for web writing.

The content

Creating content of any kind is the first advantage that AI offers you. When you use the right prompt, you can create prospecting emails, articles, make custom essays and hooks on social networks. You can read what he said in this development to fully understand the various benefits of chatGPT. An SEO writer can use it for text ideas on his topic, so he doesn't have to waste time on Google searches. You will also get in-depth information about the topic so that you can customize your content as best as possible. The major advantage is that by using chatGPT to create your content you will avoid verbiage as much as possible.

The semantic field

To write an article or other it is important to establish a plan to optimize the development. It is possible to use artificial intelligence to establish the perfect plan and avoid going off topic. Still using chatGPT you can find the right semantic field for the content referencing. For example, to have a list of keywords to decorate the walls of your home, the artificial intelligence will suggest the appropriate semantic field. You can also make introductions and corrections. For those who make a lot of mistakes, the AI will be of great help to correct the content. In other words, with the chatGPT you will not have any grammar or spelling mistakes in your web writing. No need to think too much to create introductions either, just use chatGPT.


Despite the advantages that chatGPT offers you it is still limited on some points. In the first place the information or given bring as an element of response by the tool are not recent. You cannot use it if your topic is about recent changes in the real estate sector. The same is true for the latest updates from Netflix this year. There are also inaccuracies on technical data in that the answers are quite detailed. In fact when the information is too detailed it can take you a while to gather ideas and make sense. Sometimes the results can also be biased so it is not advisable to copy and paste without further checking. In other words, the results offered by chatGPT are not 100% reliable.

The style

The literary style of chatGPT is not compatible with natural SEO of a text in web writing. It is this limitation that differentiates it from a writer because the latter will bring his personal touch. The information transmitted in the past via AI is difficult to find. This information is also too vague with a rather consensual tone, i.e. neutral and factual. When the tone is consensual, you can't have a precise opinion on certain subjects. 

Here are the advantages and limitations of using AI in web writing.