A distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth has been imprisoned for sexual assault

A distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth the second was recently sentenced to 10months imprisonment for sexually assaulting a female guest at an event held in 2020.

The relative, Simon Bowles-Lyin, pleaded guilty to all the charges. The Earl of Strathmore barged into the room the victim was sleeping in late at night and attempted to forcefully have intercourse with her. The identity of the victim is unknown. 

The victim was attending an event at the castle the incident occurred in 

According to the details of the case given to the court, a drunk Simon assaulted the victim for more than 20minutes in the room she was lodged in. 

The officer in charge of the case, Alastair Carmichael, said Simon clutched the breasts and pubic area of the victim, tried to rape her, and refused to leave the room despite her pleas. He added that Simon refused to depart from the room even though the victim continuously begged him to leave. It was also discovered that Simon spent most of the night begging the victim to allow him into her room.  

Alastair said the victim is seriously traumatized because of the incident, and she currently experiences frequent nightmares and panic attacks. 

Simon Bowles-Lyon to be added to sex offenders registry for ten years

The court also decided that Bowes-Lyon will be added to the sex offenders register for a minimum of 10 years. The judge initially wanted to place him under house arrest at his castle but changed his mind when the full details of the case were known to the court. 

In a statement to the press via a spokesperson, Simon said he was disgusted by his behavior towards the victim and that it was caused by his inebriated state. He said he quickly apologized to the lady when he came to his full sentences, and that he regrets his actions.